Aug 2015

Building and Supporting a People-Centered Culture

“When you go through New Employee Orientation (NEO) and watch the videos, you think ‘I’m not sure that’s really true—it’s a marketing video, right?’” says Laura Marks, Senior Talent Manager at Bluebeam. “The company just seem…

Jun 2015

A Day in the Lives at Bluebeam

It's hard to imagine what a career could be like at any company. Day one is inevitably eventful, but what about every day thereafter? On day 745, what sort of projects will I be working on? On day 1072, who…

Aug 2015

The Free Thing We All Want at Our Jobs

We’ve all been there – at least, a lot of us have: A job that gives us the horrifying war stories that no one told us were possible out there in the “real world.” Although some of these stories can be amusing…

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