A Day in the Lives at Bluebeam

It's hard to imagine what a career could be like at any company. Day one is inevitably eventful, but what about every day thereafter? On day 745, what sort of projects will I be working on? On day 1072, who will I interact with? On day 120, how much fun will I have?

So to help get a sense of how working at Bluebeam could feel down the line, we asked eight people across various departments to talk about their day -- the same day, in fact: Tuesday, June 16, 2015. For one person, that day actually was day 745. For another person, it really was day 1072 or day 120, and so on.

Each person describes their own unique balance between work and fun, and collaboration and autonomy. Perhaps even more interestingly, each person has their own way of looking at and describing that same day. They invite you to share that day with them.

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A Day in the Lives at Bluebeam
David Park

David is a Copywriter for Bluebeam, and he has been working here for 1,093 days.