Eleana's 120th Day

Today is Tuesday, my 120th day at Bluebeam Software – and my four-month-iversary!

No day at Bluebeam is ever the same, but today is definitely out of the ordinary. I am up extra early to catch an 8:00am flight to Las Vegas to attend the user conference of our new event vendor, Cvent. I meet my coworker Katie-Coral at the Burbank Airport. She is waiting at the terminal with my regular coffee order—we always put caffeine first! In the air, we go over a proposal from a potential vendor and look over the conference schedule. After landing and a quick taxi ride, we check into our hotel and freshen up before heading to the conference. It is over 100 degrees in Vegas, so we spend some time trying to figure out what to wear to the poolside reception later tonight.

As we check in for the conference and walk around, we constantly snap pictures and take notes of what we like and dislike. The Bluebeam eXtreme Conference, our annual user conference held in Los Angeles, is less than two months away, so we are in full planning mode. We are currently working on signage for our conference, so every time I see a sign I like, I snap a picture. We head into the exhibit hall and pick up some swag.

We’ve signed up to share our Cvent success story, so we head to the video room. Katie-Coral snaps a photo of me while I’m being interviewed and sneakily texts it to the rest of our team to post on the Bluebeam Instagram account.

When we are back in the hall, there is a huge sign asking us how we celebrate success. Katie-Coral rushes over and writes “Ribbon Dancing”—because that’s how some of us on the marketing team celebrate success!

We head back into the exhibit hall to meet with some potential vendors. The A/V sponsor has a huge hologram display and an even bigger LCD wall—it is really cool to see the innovations within the events industry.

Next, it’s time to head to the Keynote address. It starts off with a huge drum performance—we all have drumsticks to drum on the backs of our chairs – before Arianna Huffington gives a speech. She is sassy, hilarious and insightful. After the Keynote, we are led outside to the poolside reception. It has cooled down to only 95 degrees now that it is the evening, but there are cold drinks and good food, and we are ready to party! The reception kicks off with a flash mob…in the pool! We make sure to get a video and send it to our team back in Pasadena.

The night continues with lots of music and dancing. We meet event professionals from Arizona, Spain, Boston and everywhere in between. It’s awesome to connect with others in our industry and hear about what they are doing at their events. As the night winds down, it is still SO hot, and the pool is looking more and more enticing. Feeling inspired from the earlier flash mob in the pool, Katie-Coral and I decide to end our night by jumping – fully clothed – into the pool. Then we head back to our rooms to get a good night’s rest before another day full of sessions and networking!

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Eleana's 120th Day
Eleana Gudema

Eleana is a Marketing Event Specialist for Bluebeam. She enjoys ribbon dancing, Boston sports, and Tea Time Tuesday.