Ellen's 723rd Day

I reach the lobby of our Pasadena headquarters and enter the elevator with an unfamiliar face.

She scans her card and pushes the button for the 5th floor, which is confusing ‘cause that’s my floor and I’ve never seen this person before. While there are a lot of people at Bluebeam, I know everybody on my floor. That said, we do have new faces at our headquarters almost every week… or so it seems. She reaches out her hand and introduces herself: “Hi, I’m Lauren,” and explains she’s visiting from the Chicago office – mystery solved.

My desk back in November

On Tuesdays, I arrive at the office early. This morning, I talk with a coworker about the royal wedding that happened this weekend in Sweden. We bond over foreign royalty because we share a crush on Prince Harry, who is portrayed in a photo next to my computer – a souvenir from the time some coworkers covered my desk with Harrys when I returned from my trip to London back in November.

Next, I check my email and my calendar. We are crunching to push out final concepts for the branding of our annual user conference, which happens in less than two months. I chat online with another coworker Kellie, a Community Development Manager in our Chicago office, to discuss organizing logos in various formats that she needs.

Around 9:00am, the 5th floor starts to buzz as more people arrive and things kick into gear. The web design team sits on the other side of my desk, and when they arrive, we all go to the Starbucks across the street for our morning coffee. Once we get back, I focus on the branding task at hand. I crank up my Spotify playlist and start to get into the zone.

Out of nowhere, I hear screeching brakes and a loud bang. I immediately pull out my earbuds and look behind me to the wall of windows, where a bunch of people start to gather to see what has happened. There’s been a car accident directly below our office, and we can see everything going on. The lady on the corner, Holly, whom we all know from passing by her on the way to Starbucks in the morning, responds and several cops and firetrucks show up. Once the action dies down, I return to my desk to complete one of my ideas before lunch.

One o’clock rolls around and I head down for lunch. Not really sure what I want to eat, so I decide to take a walk down Lake Avenue and just stop at one of the many options we have available around our office. I stop and chat with the lady on the corner, Holly, and ask her about the accident as I wait for the light. As I cross the street, I run into another coworker; neither of us really know what we want to eat, so we just take a stroll over to Trader Joe’s – spicy mango slices!

Back at my desk, I get inspired about the branding for our conference while researching a concept. I share it with the other designers, and we chat about it and brainstorm different ideas for displaying schedules. It turns out we discovered the same inspiration but have a wide variety of ideas for designing them. I organize a meeting to present our concepts to coworkers in another branch of Marketing, who are currently in Las Vegas, before our meeting with the printers this Friday. It’s slightly chaotic, but we nail down a time that we can get on the phone and have everyone almost in one room to pick our final look.

Then the entire office gets an email reminder to meet up on the 9th floor for Tea Time Tuesday, which means cucumber sandwiches and black and green tea. It’s a good time to catch up with coworkers on the other floor who I don’t work with regularly.

As the day starts to wrap up, I work on some final details for the conference concepts. I try to get all my thoughts down, or at least scribbled on my yellow lined notepad, so that I don’t forget what I want to do tomorrow. I hop into the elevator, which is stuffed with people from the 9th floor. There’s again a bunch of new faces who seem quite young, so I assume they are the summer interns.

This was my Tuesday, and in exactly a week I will have been at Bluebeam for two years. As I head to my car, I wonder who might be in the elevator tomorrow and whether it will be someone who has been around two years like me, two weeks like the interns, or somewhere in between.

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Ellen's 723rd Day
Ellen Riley

Ellen is a Graphic Designer for Bluebeam. When not training for marathons, she obsesses over French Bulldogs.