Hiring Is a Conversation Here

Sometimes, after working someplace for a while, a person can begin to feel a little bored, in a rut.

But that’s not the case for me. I’ve been here for almost three years, and I can honestly say I’m energized every day I come in. What’s so special about being here? It really boils down to the people and the conversations I have, conversations that are very different from those I’ve had anywhere I’ve ever worked before. I think that’s the way it is for most of us here at Bluebeam.

The interactions I have and witness here are genuine. Real. Authentic. Hmm…maybe if I describe some of these conversations, and others I’ve noticed going on around me, you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.

Phone interviews are the best part of my day. If the call goes well, it feels more like a conversation than a Q&A. I’m interested in certain skills, but also whether the person wants to learn and grow with us. Whether they will make great colleagues for those already here. Whether they will want to help us tackle the intriguing problems we have to solve. And whether they are a little quirky, like we all are! That doesn’t mean they have to be crazy or silly or outgoing. Introverts fit here, too. But should they have a sense of humor? Definitely!

That’s another cool thing about Bluebeam. We are all a little different in our own ways. You don’t have to be exactly like anyone else in order to fit in. Being comfortable with yourself is what works here.

Peter, Lead Systems Engineer Jedi

Tiny cars full of clowns? Poodles? The Matrix? Star Wars versus Star Trek? In the past, I never had discussions about job descriptions that included these kinds of things. Here at Bluebeam, this is pretty normal. And ok, the job descriptions are funny, but they show the reader who we are. What the team is like. What it might be like to work here. The job descriptions also give people a really good idea of what we hope to see in a candidate, and that’s because they’re written by the teams themselves. That ensures that each team’s descriptions reflect things as accurately and with as much of the team’s personality as possible.

The morning scrum. One of the regular conversations I have is during a morning hiring meeting. Since most of my focus in on the technical side, I often have stand-ups with those who are hiring for their teams in those areas – development, QA, etc. We look at the scrum board on my wall, see where the candidates are in the process, and discuss the possibilities. We talk about people… not just whether a resume matches a job description. We aren’t just feeding resumes and cover letters through a system that matches words and tells us who is best for a position. And it’s more than just what we read on that piece of paper – a lot of factors can’t be written down. So, during this stand-up, as in all the other discussions between our recruitment team members and our hiring managers, we take everything into account: the phone interview, the resume and cover letter, the results of their technical evaluation and coding exercise, and anything else we’ve seen so far. We look at whether that person might do well in a particular position, or whether they might fit better in another role… or even whether they could provide something that we don’t have here at Bluebeam yet. That’s why what we do takes time.

In-person interviews. Once a candidate has made it through the phone interview and technical rounds, we invite them to interview on site. It’s awesome to watch the candidate work through problems on a whiteboard with our engineers’ guidance.

I love that this is a conversation, too! Our engineers talk with the candidate throughout their process of working the problems. They don’t just leave someone hanging. It’s that give and take of information that shows us more about the candidate than the actual completion of the problem. We see not only how someone tackles the problem, but also how they accept assistance. This gives us insight into how they might be as a collaborative team member.

Conversations elsewhere. Finally, there are some conversations that I don’t have myself but I know are taking place every day. These are conversations our teams are having with our customers. Whether it’s a technical support call to help someone through a problem or a call with one of our Account Services or Channel team members, these calls are not scripted. They also aren’t timed to see how quickly our team members can get the caller’s question resolved and then get them off the line. People are treated as people. Relationships are formed as a result.

Bluebeam is at its best when these authentic conversations are taking place. When the communication is blocked in some way…well…we strive to fix it. And I like that this happens, too. We are always evolving, improving, trying to be better than we were before. I love that these honest conversations have pushed us further than we thought possible. No limits, right? At least that’s how it is for me. I’ve never worked harder than I have here, but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s invigorating!

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Hiring Is a Conversation Here
Laura Marks

Laura is the Sr. Talent Manager for Bluebeam, and she firmly believes that Han shot first.