Jared's 1,120th Day

As of this morning, I’ve been working at Bluebeam for 3 years, 0 months, 25 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes, and 19 seconds.*

or 36.8 months
or 160.1 weeks
or 1,120.9 days
or 26,903.5 hours
or 1,614,214.3 minutes
or 96,852,859 seconds

*including, weekends, holidays, vacations and sick days.

6:00am: The office is quiet. I am the first one here. It’s nice and warm, as the AC hasn’t come on yet. It’s summertime so it’s actually light out this early. I work a special schedule and normally come in at 6, either to work out or leave early to pick up my son. My legs hurt after two days in a row of jogging. I’m gonna skip today, but my coworkers, Duane and Jason, will probably be there because they’re hardcore. I should be back in business tomorrow. Really loving the convenience of a gym downstairs.

I check emails while looking out the window towards Downtown. I think I see a fire; there’s smoke rising in the distance, and it’s blocking my view of Downtown. Regardless, it’s a nice brisk morning, and I think I’ll take my laptop on the balcony while eating breakfast and having coffee.


6:45am: Kevin, Enterprise Support Specialist in the New Hampshire office, pings me. We chat about a request from one of our oil and gas customers. We pass along their suggestion to our Product Management team.

6:54am: Ernie, Enterprise Support Specialist in the San Diego office, then pings me to ask if there were any reports of problems with Studio (our cloud-based collaboration feature). I tell him I haven’t heard anything. I set up a group chat with Chicago and New Hampshire techs. They haven’t seen anything, either. Sounds like an issue on the customer’s network. (What, no ridiculous memes or cat GIFs? Is everyone feeling OK today?)

7:00am: Back inside, I have to run some licensing tests before our conference call later this morning. Time to fire up a couple VMs to test the behavior on different versions of Revu.

7:20am: Duane shows up and is talking trash to me for not showing up to the gym this morning.

7:30am: First part of my test is done. Time to wait at least an hour and re-test. I shift gears to review my presentation for the eXtreme Conference and update some slides.

8:30am: A few more people join the group chat to let us know that nobody else has reported issues with Studio. Michelle D., a Senior Account Manager who works here in Pasadena, has just arrived at the New Hampshire office. We check in with each other about a customer who was inquiring about how Studio compared to a competitor’s product. She’s coordinating a call with someone from Product Management to review the customer’s workflow and explain why our solution is the best choice. Handled.


8:32am: First GIF of the day, thank you Jeff.

9:00am: I need to get a hard drive boxed up and shipped to a customer in order to retrieve a large amount of data from them so I can have a developer debug an issue that they are seeing.

Brian F. in Product Management stops by for a quick chat about a Revu license feature and the progress of his home remodeling. Sounds like that’s going well, looking forward to the housewarming party. Back to my desk for some more emails and testing on the VMs.

9:35am: My licensing tests aren’t behaving as expected. I ask our Lead Software Architect, Ben, to come over and make sure I’m not doing something wrong. He agrees that it looks like Revu is misbehaving. He’s got to get to a meeting, but will take a look at the code afterward and get back to me.

10:00am: It turns out the software wasn’t reporting the way we were told it was, and it’s already been changed for the next update. Functionally, this doesn’t affect customer’s use of the software; it was just confusing for this particular company’s IT department, who was trying to run reports on usage.

I’ve been running around the office all morning, making sure everyone who needs to be aware of the issue/resolution is aware. I’m updating our internal Wiki page to fully document the current and future behavior. I’ll have to arrange time in some upcoming team meetings to get everyone back on the same page.

11:00am: Time to stop by IT and check in on that hard drive and then eat some lunch at my desk (that’s how I roll) while responding to emails and questions from other team members.

Noon: Lunch done, today was another turkey sammich with Fritos. That’s right, sammich, and yes, Fritos, on the sandwich. Yih!

12:15pm: I need to have another quick chat with Brian F., this time about my licensing tests this morning.

12:30pm: Hard drive is formatted, boxed up and ready to go.

12:45pm: Looks like Andrew G. in Account Services needs me to test something that a customer thinks was possible in an older version that is no longer possible in the current version. Time to find a VM with that old software.

12:48pm: $103 to ship the hard drive, each way!!!!!

12:49pm: False alarm, Beth entered the weight as 14lbs instead of oz., we’re cool.

12:55pm: Shooting coworker Jesus with a Nerf gun for no reason.


12:55:05pm: $#*+! He’s got a bigger Nerf gun!


1:25pm: Michelle pings me and says there’s an issue. This can’t be good. She says our internal Studio Project with all of the information about eXtreme conference has been deleted. She and Jill are probably freaking out.

1:26pm: I was able to un-delete the Project and find out who deleted it on accident. #HeroOfTheDay

1:30pm: Running tests for Andrew G., and Vu (our free PDF viewer) is not doing what our customer wants it to. Gonna install an even older version and test that too.

2:00pm: I think Andrew’s customer was confused about the functionality. Time for a sync-up meeting with my manager. Will revisit after.

2:35pm: Meeting ended early. Going to talk to QA, Dev and PM to double-check my findings for Andrew’s customer.

2:40pm: Findings confirmed, notified Andrew.


2:55pm: Tea Time Tuesday. Time for a snack in the 9th floor kitchen and some friendly chit-chat. Lots of sandwiches, and YES, some with just ham and cheese, no mayo, uhn!

3:00pm: Looks like Marketing is setting up for tonight’s filming for the eXtreme conference video. Should be another good one.

3:15pm: I have a meeting tomorrow morning with some guys from the Studio team to troubleshoot an Active Directory integration issue that one of our technology partners is seeing. They have configured a server for us to remotely access and test. To prepare, I need to make sure I can connect and that we have everything in place. The server is in Japanese, and I don’t recognize all of the icons; I need Brian T. from Channel to come translate.

3:55pm: There are a few things we need to know about this server for tomorrow’s meeting. Request list sent.

4:08pm: Heading home.

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Jared's 1,120th Day
Jared Adler

Jared is a Manager of Enterprise Technical Support for Bluebeam.