Joe's 730th Day

When I started, I had ten years of work experience, none of which came from the AEC industry.

I was a complete newb, with absolutely no idea who Bluebeam was, what they did, or why they mattered. Today is my 730th day at Bluebeam, my two-year anniversary.

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. at the Days Inn Milpitas. Luke, my co-worker, and I had traveled to San Jose, CA to give an on-site demo to Preston Pipelines. They specialize in the construction of pipelines for fire, sewer, water, etc. I sat in a conference room with 20 construction professionals and showed them Revu in such a way that they a) were impressed and b) trusted that I knew what I was talking about. This is not something I could have done 730 days ago.

From there, they took us to one of their jobsites, a warehouse for Tesla. We put on vests, goggles and hardhats, and learned a little bit about how pipeline construction works. We saw large machines digging trenches and contractors covering pipe with sand and gravel. We got to step out and get a real sense of why Revu is so important to our customers. It’s one thing to show them the clicks—it’s another to know WHY those clicks matter so much.

I am still surprised at how animated people are when you show them Revu. There is NOTHING interesting or sexy about PDFs in and of themselves. But the way Revu can almost magically do exactly what these people want it to do produces a kind of fanatical devotion to the product. And it’s very fun to be the one showing it off when they realize this for the first time.

After we left the jobsite, we had a little time to kill, so we stopped at a Jamba Juice. That’s one of the things that happens when you travel for work—smoothies on the company’s dime. BOOM.

Delicious smoothies in hand, we visited another customer of ours who already owns 600 seats of Revu. We weren’t there to demo or sell seats necessarily, but after communicating with this person for two years, I finally got to meet her in person and shake her hand. It’s nice to be able to develop the kind of relationship with a customer where you know you can just stop by to check in on them, and they’re truly happy to see you, despite not having met before.

Luke and I then went to the airport, and killed time answering emails at a British Pub cleverly titled “The Brit” before jumping on the plane and heading home.

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Joe's 730th Day
Joe Sullivan

Joe is a Sr. Account Specialist for Bluebeam.