Julia's 344th Day

It’s lunchtime, almost one year into my role at Bluebeam, and the boss is on vacation.


My dev buddy, Bruno, and I reflect on an appropriate desk prank for our team lead, Cristi, who will be visiting his home country of Romania until next Monday. We’re thinking something structural, on a European theme? Our last desk-prank adventure involved building a ceiling-high reproduction of the Empire State Building for a colleague who had been away in New York City. With the motto “never stop improving” (or should it be “no limits”?), we decide to build bigger and better this time. A castle! Like Count Dracula’s! In…Pranksylvania? We print out a sign for him featuring a picture of Sesame Street’s Count captioned “Welcome bat!” A solid start.

Back at the desk, I’m hacking around on a new project. We’re mostly a C# house here – my team especially, as we work on server-side automation and processing. But since I’ve volunteered to help on a web feature of one of our new products, I’m fumbling around in Javascript, trying to get my bearings. Despite the slow start, it’s always exciting to learn a new language. I get to watch my changes appear immediately in the browser. The text in a button alters depending on the state of one of our objects. Messageformat, that syntax is called. I grab a link to some documentation so I don’t forget.

Maria comes by to remind me about dinner with our new summer interns tonight. We like to welcome them with meals and events – I hear Bluebeam may take the interns and some employees out to the ballgame for Dodger baseball later this summer. Looking forward to that. In my inbox, there’s a follow-up email from the Marketing team. We filmed the dance portion of this year’s Extreme Conference video on Monday and need to shoot the rest of the scenes next week. I accept the corresponding meeting. I knew when I saw last year’s Extreme Conference video for the first time that I had accepted the right job offer. A tech company with this much singing and dancing? A good fit for sure.

The team meets up to triage the bugs that Rasyamond and the rest of the QA team have logged during their testing. A few of the issues fall to me; luckily this week I have a pretty good idea about how to resolve them. Back at my desk, the website is coming along well. The API I’m interacting with (built by me earlier this year), which was broken this morning, has responded to my fix and everything is working again. Hooray! The day winds to a close and I head off to dinner with the interns at Yard House. Cheers!

Bruno, Patrick and Sargis building Cristi's Castle
Cristi's Castle

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Julia's 344th Day
Julia Wagner

Julia is a Software Engineer II on Bluebeam’s Advanced Technologies team. When she’s not coding or pranking coworkers, you’ll find her swing dancing.