Kristine's 745th Day

Today is Tuesday, my 745th day at Bluebeam.

I started work at 7:15am. Usually I’m not here this early, but last week my coworker and friend, Lili, turned 30-something, and since she had been out of the office training a bunch of new Bluebeam users over the last week, we hadn’t had a chance to celebrate her big day. So, we decided to surprise her.

Jeanette, who works closest with her, asked some of our colleagues at the Bluebeam Chicago office to play along and book a phone call with Lili for 7:30am. Jeanette set an agenda and convinced Lili that 7:30 was the only time possible to meet. We then sent out an invitation and asked people here in Pasadena to join us in the surprise.

Then we all gathered in the kitchen with bagels and pastries. She was running five minutes late and came running into the kitchen on the way to her meeting. It took her a little while to realize that she didn’t have a meeting and that it was all just a surprise, but she loved it. We had a great time, and it turned out to be a fantastic start to a great day.

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Kristine's 745th Day
Kristine Stene

Kristine is a Sr. International Marketing Specialist for Bluebeam. She enjoys interior design, traveling, and meeting new people.