Rob's 1,072nd Day

Today is Tuesday, 1072 days since my first at Bluebeam.

It begins with a customer consultation. There’s really nothing quite like the feeling you get when someone tells you that you’ve saved their team literally hundreds of hours per week with a single feature. But there isn’t too much time to relish in the moment.

A keycard swipe and an elevator ride down to the 5th floor take me to my next meeting with Blake, my East Coast counterpart. He's in town for the week so we can spend time working on our training session for this year's eXtreme Conference. We set ourselves up in a conference room to hash out the particulars of the session's flow. By the end, we've nailed down the structure and the white board is filled with various scribbles, illustrations and tables. We wrap up and kid that we can't believe we actually get paid to do this.

Back at my desk, I send out a few emails and stay on top of internal projects. Several people stop by to talk through customer interactions or share the latest idea for a new feature.

Switching gears, I start training our newest team member, Sarah. I’m continually amazed at the caliber of people we are able to hire, especially with the rate at which we've scaled. As with the others before her, she picks up new information almost effortlessly, and even has a couple of ideas on how we could improve our processes.

At the end of the day, I finish up with some planning for a customer call tomorrow, when I’ll be talking through some options with our Advanced Technologies team.

It’s hard to imagine just how much can be accomplished in a single day at Bluebeam. It's equally hard to imagine how there could be so much left to do once the day is over. At some companies, this might be disheartening, but at Bluebeam, this prospect is invigorating.

What a difference from my first day at Bluebeam, when I was trying to grasp the industry that we work in, the organization of our company, and how to even use our software. What used to take me nearly half an hour to do now happens in a matter of seconds, which is good because there’s so much more to be done.

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Rob's 1,072nd Day
Rob Fujisaki

Rob is a Sr. Account Specialist for Bluebeam. He is obsessed with efficiency and has a weakness for pop music.