Sargis's 800th Day

Today turned out to be a rather productive Tuesday.

Free of meetings, I was able to work out an issue I was having with this iteration. All it took was a fresh pair of eyes that were kindly provided by a fellow team member – it’s a wonder what you can figure out in pairs of two. We fixed the issue just in time for lunch.

There’s a tuna poke place that opened up down the street within the last month or so. They’ve got fresh offerings, so it’s become a favorite for us fish lovers here in the engineering department. After rallying the troops, we headed down to grab some tea and poke bowls. The beauty of this spot is that there are three different sizes for the bowls, so you don’t have to stuff yourself silly. Lunch flew by quickly, like it always does. Back at work, I got together a few team members and we got to work designing the next feature in my pipeline. A couple of hours passed by almost as quickly as lunch.

It’s become a custom to grab coffee a couple hours after lunch. For those of us that need our afternoon coffee, Zona Rosa is our go-to spot. So, once again rallying the engineers, we made our way to Zona Rosa, talking about anything from movie plans to events that are happening in the area. Of course, the occasional engineering issue makes its way into the conversation. After refueling at Zona, we headed back to BBHQ.

With renewed energy, I went back to tackling the next feature in my pipeline. Can’t mention what it is, but designing it has been a really fun learning experience. Now onto implementing the beast…

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Sargis's 800th Day
Sargis P.

Sargis is a Software Engineer I on the team that builds our collaboration solution, Bluebeam Studio.