Develop collaboration technologies that are vital to the biggest building projects in the world

Development at Bluebeam is about solving complex challenges and expressing yourself through products that enable nearly a million technical professionals across the world to collaborate without limits. It's about pushing the boundaries of what software can and should be, to constantly develop ways to make digital collaboration faster, smarter and more intuitive, and never failing to ask ourselves: shouldn't software be an experience? If you seek an environment where you can flex your technical expertise as well as your imagination, this just may be the place for you.

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Innovate Using the Latest Technologies

  • Mobile Computing -
  • REST -
  • High Availability -
  • Cloud Services -
  • Real-Time Collaboration -
  • 3D Graphics -
  • Image Processing -
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Xamarin -
  • WPF -
  • Python -
  • F# -
  • JavaScript -
  • C#/.NET

We develop in Visual Studio and Xamarin, believe in Git and utilize automated build processes. More importantly, we're always evaluating new technologies to help us craft better software. Tell us: What are your ideas?

Grow in a Collaborative Environment

As an Agile shop, we focus on quick delivery cycles, with collaboration being central to our alchemy. Tight-knit scrum teams composed of Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Product and Project Managers, work on specific product lines but often join forces to tackle the big ideas.

Hear it Straight From the Source

Make Your Mark on Our Current Projects

Integrate Across Limitless Platforms

Our technology started with a Windows-based application (PInvoke, anyone?) built on C++ and C#. These days, our development environment is Visual Studio 2013 and Xamarin.

So what's next? Making Bluebeam applications for Windows, tablet PCs and iPads available for Mac, Android and other smart devices.

Supercharge Server-Based Solutions

The world's leading designers and construction firms depend on applications developed by our Enterprise Team to fabricate the landmarks of the future. Some of the exciting initiatives we're working on include:

  • High-volume distributed document processing in the cloud
  • Message queuing
  • REST API that supports high volume and nearly real-time interactions

Push the Limits of Collaboration

We build on modern cloud service architectures to power the largest construction projects, no matter where they may be -- from the Bogs of Dagobah to the deserts of Tattooine. Our cloud-solution-based teams develop and deploy solutions that focus on scalable parallel processing. And, you guessed it: high availability is a fundamental design principle in all of our systems.

Take Mobility to the Next Frontier

The field is where the rubber meets the road. New opportunities allow for capturing the "moment-to-moment" state of projects as devices get more capable. Our mobile team is chartered to work with the latest tablets and smart phones to capture conditions in the field as they happen.